Thursday Randomness

Haven’t had much time to blog since the give-away.  Lots of stuff in Evernote that I want to blog about, as well as random stuff bouncing around in my head.  Here’s a peak (in bullet points):

  • Listening to Caffeinated Faith podcasts this week. Incredibly sincere in their faith. Funny. Raw. Juvenile. Get over it. Listen.
  • Might sponsor a child through Compassion International.  Given before, never committed.  Talking with the kids tonight.
  • Currently reading three books (not counting the bible), have three more I haven’t started yet, and a list of about 30 to buy.  It is frustrating .
  • Support Kevin‘s book “Addition by Adoption” by clicking here for a twibbon.  Quick read, inspiring & proceeds provide clean water in Ethiopia.  Buy it here.
  • Disappointed with Tuesday’s Lost episode.  After the shock of the opening scene, it was too predictable and ended lame.
  • Thanks to Shawn, I dreamed about crashing into a wall on a light cycle last night.
  • Have been inspired to write haiku today, thanks to Brett. – – by the way, Brett the word “haiku” is both singular and plural.
  • Think (hope) Fringe will be good tonight.
  • I like crating links in my blogs.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Randomness

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