Zac Smith

I first saw this video of Zac Smith just before Easter this year.  It totally wrecked me.  It took several days for me to be able to think about his story without getting emotional (read: cry like a baby) about it.  His faith, and total trust in God was absolutely inspiring and humbling.  Since seeing that video, my prayer has been for God grow in me that same confidence in Him that Zac displayed through his story.

I just heard that Zac passed away this weekend.  Although my heart breaks for his family, I know that he is rejoicing at this moment.  His pastor, Perry Noble said it best on his blog:
Zac has been healed…which is a relief to those of us who have watched him suffer these past twelve weeks. We ALL hate to lose him…and we will shed many tears and he will be missed; however, we are also rejoicing at the fact that He is now with Jesus and is experiencing HIS presence in ways that none of us could ever imagine.
Please join me in praying for his wife Mandy as well as their three children: Luke, Jake & Lizzy, that God would comfort them, and continue to reveal His grace, mercy and peace to them in this time of mourning.

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