Figgie “Fig” Palmer (2003-2017)

You came into our lives in 2011, already  8 years old, and set in your ways.  We took you in, thinking it would only be for a little while until your owner was ready to take you back.  However, you immediately captured our hearts and filled an empty spot in our family that we didn’t even know was there.  We knew you had found a permanent place in our family.

You had a calm, almost regal manner about you.  In no time, you established that you were in charge. I loved how quickly you began keeping Georgia-Girl in line, and when Bubba joined our family in 2012, you never relinquished your top position, even though he outweighed you by 50 lbs!

You brought so much joy and love to us.  You loved all our kids, but had a special fondness for our youngest, Zachary.  You loved your stuffed animals almost as much as you loved us.


You watched over me while I was recovering from back surgery in 2012, sleeping on my side of the bed for three weeks.  You warned us before Tania’s second seizure, even though we didn’t understand what you were trying to tell us at the time.

You suffered through torturous bath times, celebrated numerous kids birthdays, tolerated Georgia and Bubba’s never ending quest for attention.

For the months after my cancer surgery and through my radiation treatments, you again took on the role as “mother hen” for me.  You slept next to me every night. You followed me around the house everywhere I went.  In the mornings, when I  would let you, GG & Bubba out to potty, you would hardly leave my side as I sat on the back porch waiting for you.

Even as your age began to take it’s toll on you, your constant watch over us never waned. You never complained, and you never stopped being loving towards us.  Thank you for being such a loving friend.  We all miss you terribly, but we are thankful that you are no longer in pain.


11 thoughts on “Figgie “Fig” Palmer (2003-2017)

  1. I am so very sorry to hear about Figgy. 😥 You were all blessed to have each other. What a wonderful life you gave her. Sending prayers that Peace and Comfort will find you in her absence. 😥 Again, just so very sorry for your loss.

  2. We are so sorry to read about your fur baby passing ! I loved hearing stories about her and I loved that she watched over you and Tania when you were ill. She was a gentle giant for sure ! I hope you meet near my childhood dog once you pass over the rainbow 🌈 sweet Figgy 🙂 xx

  3. I just lost my own beautiful boy a week ago. He was our Kramer, a Weimaraner who made it to 13 and it still wasn’t long enough. I understand the pain and having to let them go. It just sucks. But it sounds like this wonderful doggy friend of yours was truly one of a kind! What breed is it? So beautiful!

    • Thanks Melissa. We were definitely blessed to have her so long. She was an English Mastiff. It’s pretty rare for them to live that long, but it’s tough to let them go.

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