Hip Ablation, Fun at the Dentist & the Black Bean Co. 

Today was awesome! Well, not really. It kinda sucked, but in the end, there was some good.

To start out, I had to take my daughter to the Orthopedic doctor due to some hip pain she has been having. It started after an intense workout on the bridge with her Summerville XC team and has not gotten better with time. Turns out she has an ablation where her quads attach to the top of her hip bone. Prognosis is good, but she will have to rest it for a couple of weeks, which she was not happy about.

After dropping her back at school, I had to head back to Charleston to have my obturator realigned AGAIN after not being able to eat last night without filling my sinuses with couscous (yeah, it’s as gross as it sounds).

The good news is, the “new guy” in the office did a better job today than he did the first time on Wednesday.

The entire morning while at both doctor offices, my phone was blowing up concerning some issues at work that needed my attention. As soon as I was done with my appt I decided to test out my realigned dentures and get on WiFi to deal with some work issues. I used the new Zomato app to find the closest vegetarian friendly restaurant with WiFi and discovered a new gem: The Black Bean Co.

 photo 9FC69E33-0ADE-46F1-9661-A22F9C4EC314.jpg

The Green Beach Burrito (black bean burrito w/ mango salsa, roasted tomatoes & mixed greens) was great and thankfully I was able to eat it!  Also, I was able to log in and solve a couple of problems for work while I ate.

After all that, I still managed to get back to the plant and put in about four hours so I could enjoy a three day weekend!

Of course, I got home and foun that out i-net, phone & cable have been out all day and a service tech won’t be out until Tuesday. To be honest everyone in my family (including me) is tech-addicted, but although everyone was frustrated, they were all dealing with it and reading books!

So, now that dinner is done, I’m typing this post up on my iPhone and the I’m planning to read my new copy of UltraRunner Mag before bed to inspire me for tomorrow ‘s long run (8-10 miles).

Just another day in the life…’till next time!

Relentless. Forward. Progress.



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