5 Months Later…

It’s been 5 month since my surgery, and I’ve made a lot of progress.  I’m not where I want to be yet, but I am much better off than I was after my surgery and after finishing radiation treatments.

I know it has been a while since my last post.  There’s been some pretty good and some pretty lousy things in the last 6 weeks, so here’s a recap:

Good Stuff:

  1. I’m back into running again!  Had my first 20+ mile week and started my 18 week training plan for the Ledesma Sports Medicine Rails to Trails 50K in January.
  2. I finally made it back to working full time at the plant.  Even though I get a bit tired by the afternoon, it feels good to put in a full day at the plant, and get home before diner.
  3. Kids are back in school! I have two seniors this year…Lord, have mercy!
  4. Made the transition to eating mostly vegan.  I am eating pretty much 100% vegetarian and about 90% vegan.  Still give in for eggs and cheese on rare occasions.  I am actually loving it!  I feel great, recovery is faster, and much less GI issues from my medications, not to mention all the new dishes I have discovered.  My favorite so far is my own version of Beans & Greens.
  5. Had an AWESOME day out paddle boarding on Shem Creek with my whole family, my brother-in-law, and his two kids a few weekends ago.  Too much fun!

Not-so-good Stuff:

  1. Still having lots of mouth pain…mostly in my right jaw.  Doctors say this is normal from the radiation treatments, and will get better over time, but may take several more months.
  2. Also having to do stretches 3-4 times every day to maintain my range of motion in my jaw.   At the moment, I can only open my mouth wide enough to fit a small cherry tomato in.  Anything larger than that, I have to cut.  It makes eating a challenge and has slowed my eating tremendously (which is probably a good thing).  This too should improve over time, but may take 6 months or more.
  3. And then, I’ve had a couple of these bad boys work their way out of my mouth…bone fragments from the surgery.  They are small, but I swear they were a foot wide while they were coming out!
  4. About two weeks ago, I tried to start coming off my pain medication.  I have been on a 100mcg/hr Fentanyl patch since my surgery.  I change it every 3 days, but it runs out around 12 hours before then, and I feel pretty lousy until the next morning.  I thought that I was doing well enough to start coming off of it, and my doctor agreed to give me 75 mcg patches.  It was a bit of a disaster…felt like absolute crap for about 5 days before I gave up and decided now was not the time.
  5. Also, we were also notified that we have to move.  Our landlord has given us notice that we have to be out by the end of September.  The house we are renting is not ideal for us.  It is a bit small, and old, and the yard is not fenced in, but with all we have going on, now is not the best time to be moving.  Oh well, at least he agreed to give us to the end of October!

All in all, its been good.  There have definitely been some tough times, but we have made it through them and I am getting stronger every day.  Thanks again to everyone for your continued prayers and support.  Until next time!

Relentless. Forward. Progress.



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