Radiation Treatments (End of Wk 2)

Another week down!  It’s been a full one.  Even though I’ve had a couple of bouts with insomnia this week, I’m finally making ground on my back log at work. I have definitely notice my energy level dropping a bit this week.  In spite of that, I did manage to get a couple of run/walks in.  Not my best week, but I’m glad to keep a little bit of activity going.

I met with my Oncologist on Friday.  All my physical stats looked good.  I’m holding pretty steady at 182 lbs, which is 28 lbs down from my pre-surgery weight.  I also go the results of my chest CT scan.  Everything is clear!  I will still have to be checked every 6 months for the foreseeable future, but I’ll take the good news for now.  The Oncologist also gave me something to help me sleep, so hopefully, I will get some better rest this week.

My sister started a GoFundMe.com campaign to solicit support for me and the family as I go through the next several weeks of treatment.  I am very grateful to her for doing that and also to everyone that has given.

Today, I have started having some issues with pain in my mouth, so it looks like the radiation symptoms are starting to appear.  So far, food just doesn’t really taste right and my tongue feels like it has been slightly burned.  Hopefully, I will get some “magic mouthwash” on Monday to combat that.

So, similar to last week, there’s been some ups and downs but altogether, things are ok.  Thanks again for all of your encouragement and support, here and on Facebook.  Until next time!

Relentless. Forward. Progress.



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