Radiation Treatments (Day 6)

Well, I promised to give you the good, the bad and the ugly.  This weekend was bad and ugly.  I’ve felt pretty well during the first week of treatments, but I didn’t follow the good advice I got to try to get a couple more hours of sleep per night than normal to stay ahead the fatigue.  Well, by Friday afternoon, I was starting to feel pretty tired, but I pressed ahead to take my youngest son to BSA night at the Charleston Riverdogs Game.



We had a great time!  The Riverdogs won, we had a fireworks display after the game and then, we got to camp out on the outfield in the stadium.  We even got to watch Space Jam on the Jumbotron.  It was a lot of fun, but by about the middle of the game, I knew I was running out of energy.  I made it through the camp out, but basically spent the next two days in the bed.

It was unfortunate, because this weekend was also my older twins (Christian and Johahna) 17th birthday.  I managed to work up enough energy to take them to the new Avengers movie on Saturday evening, but other than that, we cancelled the other festivities and I pretty much laid in the bed all of Saturday and Sunday.  To add more fun to the mix, I also have started developing sores on the roof of my mouth (apparently from the radiation), which made wearing my obturator fairly painful and swallowing anything other than liquids close to impossible.  It was a pretty miserable time, but amazingly this morning, I felt much better, although a little tired still.  The sores are still there, but not as painful, so I’ve been able to eat some today.  At my lowest point of the weekend, my wife came to my rescue to hold my hand, pray over me, and give my some amazing words of encouragement.  I don’t know what I would do without her!

Today, I started my second week of treatments.  Hopefully, if I do a better job managing my rest, this week will be better.

Relentless. Forward. Progress.



3 thoughts on “Radiation Treatments (Day 6)

  1. Eat as healthy as you can, when you can. Food will become something you’ve not interested in and it will make eating difficult. Rest and food will be the most important things for you in the next few weeks. You’re doing good Kit.

  2. There is a mouthwash that I used for sores that developed in my mouth and throat during treatments that may help sooth those if you want info. I can email to you. Just let me know…it contains no alcohol so it doesn’t sting but helps healing and soothing with the sores. Anyways, take care of yourself and do get plenty of rest to keep your strength up. We are still praying for all of you.

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