Radiation Treatments (Day 4)

So, yesterday, one of the technicians that helps “load” me into the Gamma Knife noticed my ultra-tattoo:

Came to find out that all three of the technicians working that day are runners.  None of them have run further than a 10K, but one of them was training for a half marathon.  It’s kinda funny that I found myself in the position of being a 45 year old cancer patient trying to convince three healthy, fit, 25-30 year old runners that they could run a 50k if they just trained for it!

So today, we did a little photo shoot just to show my family what it looks like in “the room”.  The lighting looks a bit weird because the alignment/targeting light was on:


They are surprisingly efficient at that office.  My treatment lasts almost exactly 10 minutes, and they get me in and out of the office in under 20 minutes…that’s from the time I check in (electronically) change, have the treatment, re-dress, and exit!  Somehow, they still find the time to talk to you like a real person, ask you about your day, and remember details about you.  It is truly a great group of people working there, and I am grateful for them.  I expect we’ll get to know each other pretty well over the next 6 weeks or so.

2 thoughts on “Radiation Treatments (Day 4)

  1. I’m glad your first week was just as it should be. I wish you continued peace and hope that all your treatments go well. Being an Oncology nurse that works in a hospital I don’t get to see much of the good in what we do. So reading your blog makes makes what I do at work easier. Each week will be a little harder on you both physically and mentally. I only wish that we in the medical profession make it easier for you. Know that I am here and I am reading and you have all my thoughts and prayers with you. We have never met, but our love of running brought us together. I am a firm believer that everyone we met in life is for a reason. Knowing that you can run while you are starting your treatments makes me feel like there may be hope for me, someday. And knowing that you are doing okay makes me feel like my job is not all in vane. Blessings Kit, run on!

    • You guys certainly have a tough job. I know that many of the patients you see ante not as upbeat and positive as I am. Amazed that you all can maintain a good attitude every day! Thanks for your support and prayers! There is more than a hope for you…it is a certainty! It’s just the timing that we have to be patient for often.

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