Surgery Updates from Tania (Kit’s Wife)

Originally posted on Facebook March 3, 2015

3:53 pm  This is Kit’s wife Tania. He is still in surgery. They are removing his teeth,gums, roof of his mouth and jaw bone on the side of the tumor, so we still have a few hours. We want them to get everything this time, so they don’t have to go back in. He will have a hole all the way up to his sinus, but still believing not cancer. I am thankful for all your prayers today. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything. God is good all the time!

10:16 pm  Kit will be spending the night in recovery to help keep control on his pain. The tumor had spread to his soft palette, so they had to go back in to remove more. He has been in a lot of pain, but I have understood him. I get “love you” and “help me”. Of course, this breaks my heart. I am thankful he is over the worst! We hopefully will be in a room tomorrow.


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