Originally posted on Facebook February 20, 2015

So…it’s been a pretty eventful year so far! I went to the dentist for a nagging toothache at the beginning of January. Long story short, after ruling out an abscessed tooth or sinus infection, being bounced around to several specialists, and a CT scan, turns out I have a pretty sizable tumor in the roof of my mouth on the right side.

The biopsy was inconclusive, so we still don’t know if it is benign or not, but the first part of the treatment is the same either way. I am waiting for an exact date, but I will be having surgery to remove the tumor around the middle of March. Once it is removed, they will be able to determine the pathology and whether radiation or other followup treatments are needed.

The surgery itself is going to be pretty invasive. I will need dental prosthetics and possibly some reconstructive surgery before it’s all over, but the overall prognosis is good.

Many of you reading this are dear friends and family. Over the years you have made me think, made me laugh, inspired me to challenge my perceived limits, be a better person, and be a part of making the world a better place. Thank you all for that, and know that second only to our faith and each other, your friendship and encouragement are the most important source for the strength I and my family will be leaning on as we walk though this.


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