Pure Awesomeness (…I may be biased)

So, last week was the final week of school for my three oldest kids.  They all had “end of the year” performances for band and chorus.  I am so proud of all three of them, I can’t stand it.

Johahna’s chorus group performed at Carowinds and got a “superior” rating, which is the highest rating they give.

Christian’s band (he plays trombone) also performed at Carowinds, and also received the “superior rating.

My youngest daughter, Michaela, also performed in chorus and dance this year, but the elementary groups don’t compete.  Michaela, however also performed in her elementary school’s talent show.  Out of 107 entries, only 20 were picked to perform.  Out of those, Michaela was the only one who played an instrument and sang.  It was her first public performance playing the guitar,  and most definitely not her last.

The sound quality is not very good, and a baby tries to get in on the act near the end, but I couldn’t have been more proud of her performance.

Guys, you all have made your mom and dad extremely proud!  You are awesome!


2 thoughts on “Pure Awesomeness (…I may be biased)

  1. You guys have some talented (blessed) children. I think you may have some young stars on your hands. I don’t think you’re being biased at all. 😀

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