Easter, The Woods Family, and Simple Math

A good friend once told me that relationships were like simple math:

“There are people who subtract from your life, there are people who add to your life and there are people who multiply your life…wherever possible, avoid the first, connect with the second and embrace the third.”

While this is not necessarily an absolute rule, there is a lot of truth in it.  One family that definitely falls into the latter group is the Woods family.  Barry and Vickie Woods have been a huge blessing to both me and my wife for longer than we’ve been married.  Over the years, they have served as our pastors, counselors, music teachers, as well as dear friends.  Their whole family is so full of life, and it is contagious!

We were blessed to have them and their three daughters spend Easter weekend with us. We were having so much fun, I totally forgot to pull out the camera until Sunday afternoon, so I only got a few good pics from the weekend:

Barry, Vickie, Jasa, Justice & Jenna thanks for coming, cramming yourselves into our small house with the two of us, our four kids and a 130lb dog for a few days of laughing, eating and just hanging out!  You are welcome any time!

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