Random Stuff…

LOTS of stuff going on today (in my life, and in my head).   Here’s a sample:

1.  My brother-in-law, won his parental hearing yesterday.  He’s an awesome dad.  God is Good!

2.  Saw this video from Fancis Chan the other day…excellent!

3.  Beautiful Things and Hello Hurricane are blowing my mind/speakers lately.

4. It is 68.5° at my desk right now.

5.  My wife is awesome.

6.  I currently have 24 books on my “To Read” list. No matter how much I read, this list only gets longer.

7.  Listening to a podcast series by Craig Groeschel  (Lifechurch.tv) entitled “Once Upon a Marriage” that is challenging me.

8.  Being colorblind sometimes leads to embarrassing situations.

9.  I hate updating graphs and charts.

10.  When I finish this post, I have to update my production graphs and charts.

What’s going on in your head today?


3 thoughts on “Random Stuff…

  1. 1. Loved the video
    2. Don’t know Beautiful Things and Hello Hurricane, but you’ve got me curious not so I’m gonna go look them up and listen.
    3. I have no idea what the temp. is at my dining room table right now, but you know me….it’s nice and cool:)
    4. I agree with you…your wife is awesome and so’s my husband!
    5. I’m also going to look up “Once Upon a Marriage”
    6. Your being colorblind leads to some serious hilarity for me so thanks…sorry for the embarrassment, but that was PRICELESS:)
    7. I hate writing IEPs and eligibility reports…wanna trade for a while?
    8. When I finish this, I’ve got to go get ready to watch the guys on American Idol. Sure hope they’re better than the girls were last night.
    9. I’m so glad you and Tania are our friends.
    10. I hate to leave things at an uneven number so I added this so it would finish up all nice and neat in a multiple of 10, but I can add a few more words like ask Tania about how I know where your former renters are now:)

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