Seacoast Worship Recap (07/26/09)

Even though I normally attend church on Saturday night, this worship re-cap is part of the Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival Extravaganza going on over at  Check out the other worship service re-caps from this week by clicking hereAnd by the way, it’s the 1 Year Anniversary of “Sunday Setlist” this week!

This weekend, we actually attended the 11:15 Sunday morning service. It’s the first time we’ve attended a Sunday service in a while, and it was kinda cool, but I think I still prefer the Saturday night service.  Any way, here’s the recap…..

Call to Worship / Opening Set:

  1. Awesome is the Lord Most High – Tomlin
  2. No Greater God – Martin Chalk


This weekend, was week 4 of the “Road Trip” series.  This weekend’s message is brought by the Geoff Surratt.  It was a great message about stepping out of your comfort zone, and making “Bold Moves” to be who God has called you to be. If you’re interested, you can download the message from iTunes here (it may be Monday or Tuesday before it is available).

Closing Set:

  1. Take My Life – Tomlin
  2. Always – Martin Chalk
  3. All Because of Jesus – Fee

Well, that’s how things went at Seacoast this weekend.  How was your weekend service?

5 thoughts on “Seacoast Worship Recap (07/26/09)

    • Martin is one of the worship pastors here at Seacoast Church. He’s got a new album coming out soon that contains “Power of the Cross”, which is one of my favorite songs at the moment. His album “Sanctuary: Songs of Response” is really good too.

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