Friday Fitness Recap

Welcome to the 7th installment of my fitness recap!  Thanks for stopping by!

This week was kinda hectic at work, plus Wednesday was my 14 year wedding anniversary, so my eating routine has been a little off.  The good news is that in spite of that, I still did not gain any weight.  In fact, I lost a pound!  That leads me to believe this lifestyle change may be working after all!

I have also been reading up on “intermittent fasting” or IF.  This is a pretty interesting concept, but I am still not sure about it.  The basic idea is diametrically opposed to traditional dieting “rules”, especially the “starvation mode” premise that many diets are based on.  It also appears to have a lot of medical research to back up it’s assertions.  In a nut-shell, starvation mode doesn’t kick in until around 72 hours of fasting, and short-term fasting (24-48 hours) can actually cause your body to increase the production of the hormones that increase the fat burning process.  As for me, I am actually more interested in the studies that show medical benefits from IF aside from weight loss.  Some studies suggest that IF can improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as reduce risk factors for heart disease and some types of cancer.  There are several different variations IF, so I’m doing a little more research before I consider giving one of them a try, but the two most likely candidates are “East Stop Eat” and “Fast-5“.  I would be interested to know if anyone has tried IF, and what (if any) benefits did you see?

My exercise regimen has been going great.  As I said last week, I have started logging my bike riding using, and that has turned out to be a great motivator for me.  This week, I have also started the “100 Pushups” and “200 Situps” programs, to give myself a little motivation in the strength training department.  It’s going to be tough, but it doesn’t take much time, and I am excited about the potential end results.

Any way, here are the numbers for this week:


Last Week




211 lbs

212 lbs

+1 lbs

-17 lbs

Body Fat %:





Well, that is it for me for this week.   How about you?

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