Friday Fitness Recap

Welcome to week 4 of my fitness recap!  Thanks for stopping by!

As I said last week, I’m ready to make some modifications to my program.  The point of the diet was really just to get a “jump start” on my long term weight loss goal (40 lbs), and I was pretty pleased with the results (14 lbs in about 4 weeks). Now I am focusing on the real issue, permanent lifestyle change.  That means establishing healthy eating habits and a regular exercise regime.

I celebrated a bit  (Cold Stone Creamery, movie popcorn, etc…) over the Memorial Day weekend.  I’ve also had a pretty crazy work schedule this week, and had to work pretty late a couple of days.  I ended up having to eat fast food a couple of times as well.  (BK really has nothing healthy on their menu!).  Given all that, I’m actually happy to be at zero change for this week, especially since Tuesday morning the scale read 217!

I can definitely feel the difference since adding some strength training to my daily exercise.  Just doing push ups, sit ups & curls for the past week is making a difference.  I am slowly trying to work up to doing a more “high impact” cardio/strength training routine, (something like P90X or this)but for now, I’m taking baby steps!  I think it has had more of an effect on my attitude and the way I feel, than the way I look so far, but I’m ok with that too!

Any way, here are the numbers for this week:

Today Last Week
Difference Total
Weight: 214 lbs 214 lbs 0 lbs -14 lbs
Body Fat %: 20.1% 20.1% 0% -0.5%

Well, that is it for me for this week.   How about you?

The “Friday Fitness Recap” is part of the Fitness Friday Blog Carnival going on over at  Check out the other posts from this week by clicking here.


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