Friday Fitness Recap

Welcome to week 2 of my fitness recap!  It’s been a crazy week, but those are bound to come from time to time, right?  Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

I’ve done pretty well on my diet this week, though I fell off a little last night.  I made “Burritos Palmero” (which is just home made soft tacos) for the family, and I made the mistake of making guacamole as well.  It was GOOD (even with the whole wheat tortillas and without the black beans)!  It was so good in fact, I ate a little more than I should have.  Hopefully, it won’t set me off my weight loss pace to much!

My exercise routine has been a little messed up this week.  My 11-year-old son, Christian, came down with pneumonia Monday, and between an ER trip, follow-up doctor visits and very little sleep, it’s been tough to get up at 4:45 to get a ride in before starting the day.  I did manage to get a ride in yesterday and today, now that Christian is doing better.

On a side note, today, I had a great bike ride.  Normally, I ride with my mp3 player cranking some Hawk Nelson or Reliant K, or something like that to get me pumped, but this morning I realized I had left my player at work (charging).  I was pretty bummed about it, but once I got going, “something” in the back of my mind said “Why don’t you spend a little time praying while you ride?”.

I’ve got to tell you, it was one of the best times of prayer I have had in a while…not just talking, but listening as well.  I believe I will be leaving the mp3 player behind more often!

So here’s the numbers for this week:  As of this morning, I’m down to 217 lbs.  That’s -4 lbs since last Friday and a total of -11 lbs since I started three weeks ago.  Since I am also doing some strength training in my exercise routine, I am (hopefully) adding some weight due to increased muscle.  Because of this, I am also adding a new measurement this week:  Body Fat %.  As of today, it is 20.6% according to this test.  My goal is to get to around 15%.

Well, that is it for me for this week.   How did your fitness week turn out?

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One thought on “Friday Fitness Recap

  1. Kit, 4 pounds this week is awesome! Especially with all that you’ve gone through.

    Don’t get down on yourself about the guac. It’s full of all the good fats. Moderation is key.

    From my experience, dieting stinks. Sine I have committed to a lifestyle change I’m not stressed about dieting. For me, stress leads to binge eating and duets stress me out. Look for ways to enjoy the foods you love by changing the prep method (ie, grill or steam veggies instead of sauteing; instead of ground beef for your tacos, use the same spices with chicken or ground turkey)

    Thanks fir jumping in again! Keep with it bro.


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