Sunday Setlist #34

Even though I normally attend church on Saturday night, this worship re-cap is part of the Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival Extravaganza going on over at  Check out the other worship service re-caps from this week by clicking here.

This weekend, I was moving the last truckload of “stuff” from our house in Sylvania, GA to Summerville, SC so my worship time was spent driving back roads in a 26′ U-Haul between GA and SC.

The music part of my worship time was a “shuffle play” sampling from my mp3 player from various artists including (but not limited to):

  • Sanctus Real, Robbie Seay Band, Michael Gunger Band, Chasen, MearcyMe, Aaron Shust, Darrell Evans, Josh Wilson, Shane & Shane, Starfield, Ten Shekel Shirt, Big Daddy Weave, Rich Mullins, The Afters, Shawn McDonald, etc….

I also listened to a recent Erwin McMannus podcast (Mosaic Community) that was probably the best sermon I have ever heard on the topic of meekness: “Blessed are the Meek”.  Meekness is not weakness, but rather controlled power. If you’re interested (or curious), you can download it from iTunes here.

All in all, it was a pretty good worship service.  And by the way I am eternally grateful to Tim and Parker for helping me unload this afternoon before the rain set in!  I owe you guys another dinner!

How was your weekend service?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist #34

    • We actually moved about 5 months ago and are somewhat settled. This trip was just getting the last truck-load of our “stuff” out of the old house to get it on the market. Actually have one more trip to make…we have too much junk!

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