Sunday Setlists #30 – Worship Re-cap

This worship re-cap is part of the Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival Extravaganza going on over at  Check out the other worship service re-caps from this week by clicking here.

This week we had a visit from some friends that may be moving here this summer (Dutch & Tammy Heidler) to have a “look-see” around Summerville and Charleston.  It was great to see them and their boys (especially for my oldest son who is perpetually surrounded by girls most of the time!).  At their request, we visited Seacoast – Mt. Pleasant again for their Saturday night service.  Interesting message this week.  It was the final part of the “I have some questions…”  series, and Pastor Greg pretty much spent the entire service answering questions “real time” as they were sent in via text messages.  It was a great message, which he closed out talking a little about “doubting your doubts”.

I will apologize up front for the worship set re-cap.  This may go down in Sunday Set List history as the lamest worship re-cast ever.  I only new one of the three songs they did, and I can’t even remember that one now!  For some reason, I do remember the copyright info for all the songs though.  Note to self, “Don’t wait until Monday morning to do the Sunday Set List, especially if it is from Saturday night!”  Anyway, here it is…as best as I can remember.  😛

  1. Unknown Song (I think “Mercy” was in the title) – by Martin Chalk
  2. Unknown Song – by Reuben Morgan
  3. Forgotten Song (may have been “Majestic”, I’m just not sure anymore!) – by Lincoln Brewster

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