Tasha Roo Palmer (1997-2009) – The Greatest Dog Ever

Tasha Roo Palmer is the greatest dog who has ever lived.  Now, I know that there are many of you out there who love your dogs, and would take issue with that statement, but you are wrong.  Say what you want, it is all just noise as far as I am concerned.

Old Yeller, Lassie, Rin-Tin-Tin, they may come close.  But in the end, it is still Tasha, hands down (even against dogs who exist outside of movies and television).

For almost twelve years, Tasha was an integral part of our lives, more than that, she was a part of our family.  She has filled the role as parent trainer (she was our first baby), companion, vacuum cleaner, door bell, nanny, psychologist, running partner, alarm clock, meteorologist, and security guard.

She has helped Tania and I raise our four children, been a patient jungle gym for all of them, helped them learn to walk, cleaned up many of their messes, watched over them while playing in the yard and sleeping in their beds.  Tasha watched over Tania and the kids while I was traveling on business.  She let us know when bad storms were coming, woke me if I forgot to set the alarm, and no one ever arrived at our front door unannounced.

More than any of that she was my friend.  Better than anyone other than my wife, she could sense my mood almost before I got into the house.  No matter how good or bad my day was, she was always there to greet me when I came home.  She was always there to listen to me complain, or vent, or just talk through my emotions.  Even on the rare occasion when I fussed at her (usually for just being a dog) she never held a grudge for very long.

Sure, there are probably many of you that are thinking that you have a dog that is just as special, maybe even more so.  I am sure they are all wonderful dogs, maybe even heroic dogs.  Tasha never pulled anyone from a burning building, or saved a boy who fell down into a well,  but none of that matters to me.  She brought more love and joy to me and my family than could ever be measured.  And for that alone, she is the greatest dog who ever lived.

Tasha, you are greatly loved, and sorely missed.  Thank you for your gift of you.





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