Sunday Setlists #25 Worship Re-cap

My family and I are still searching for a church to call home here in the Summerville area.  This Sunday, we visited Northwoods Assembly in North Charleston.  Although we got there on time, by the time I got the kids in their classes (in a separate building), made my way to the temporary sanctuary (they are rebuilding due to a fire last year), and found my wife, I had missed the entire set except for the last worship song!  However, the sermon (about setting goals for our relationships with God and others) was very good.  We will definitely visit again.

I have had a few of those “zone out” moments for sure.  The worst was once when I was co-leading a Sunday morning worship service.  I had a lot of stuff on my mind, and even as I was playing the intro to the first song I was supposed to lead (I think it was the third song in the set), my mind was elsewhere.  About half-way through the intro, I realized this was my song to lead!  I don’t remember which song it was, but it was a Chris Tomlin song. I panicked and started singing the lyrics to the wrong Chris Tomlin song!   Thankfully the band hung in there and I was able to get back on track at the chorus.  It was UGLY!  Once I had recovered, the hardest part was finishing the song without laughing.

I actually got such an adrenaline rush from the whole experience.   It was kinda like dosing off at the wheel and coming to just before you smack a road sign, and recovering just in the nick of time…not that I’ve ever done anything like that!   😉  To be sure, I was very focused for the rest of the worship set.  We all had a good laugh about it after the service!

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Setlists #25 Worship Re-cap

  1. Looking forward to hearing your perspective on worship as you search for a new home.

    It’s a tricky time, this home searching thing. I pray that you’ll be led clearly and that you’ll all know when it’s the right one.

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