It’s a Conspiracy!

Does anyone else get frustrated with the ridiculous amount of consumerism that surrounds Christmas-time?  It seems to get worse every year.  This year they were playing Christmas music in the Walgreen’s near my house in the middle of October for crying out loud!  And don’t get me started on all the TV and radio commercials targeting the kids (my kids!).

This is nothing new, and I know I’m by no means the first person to lament this situation.  Christians band together every year and demand, “Put Christ back into Christmas!”, and I’ve been right there in the middle of them.  The problem is, how do you do that in a practical way?

This year I think we have found the answer for our family.  We are participating in The Advent Conspiracy as a family by giving a portion of our Christmas budget to Living Water International.  It has given all of us a renewed sense of purpose and community that I pray will become part of our every day lifestyle rather than an annual event.

This is not to suggest everyone has to do what we are doing.  It’s just one idea.  Got any others?


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